The wind turbine tower of tomorrow

This new concept of bolted steel shell towers arose from the experiences of the company Andresen Towers A/S and is thus a further development of their much acclaimed steel shell tower.

Advantages of the bolted steel shell tower

The basic concept of the new tower, which consists of bended bolted steel shells, still builds on thinner material thickness and larger diameter than the prevalent towers on the market. This makes it possible to build higher towers. In fact the height of the bolted steel shell tower can go well above 140 m for on-shore wind turbines.

There is no need for welding in the tower shell structure and the tower is bolted together on site. Typical mounting time is less than 2 days based on past experience. The tower shells can be transported in 40/45 foot containers or on standard trucks. Also the towers are maintenance free according to DIBT tests.

All in all this new wind turbine tower is a highly cost effective and sustainable concept.

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